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  • Shantala has been like a best friend to me. She gives me guidance and direction, allows me to see clearly when I can’t do so myself, provides comfort and reassurance when needed, and helps me figure out how to get through tough times by giving me positive ways to focus on moving forward. I started therapy sessions with her for one issue, but then, my life took a turn and I suffered the worst loss of my life. If it wasn’t for Shantala, I wouldn’t have been able to get through that loss. She continues to help me get through it by going above and beyond, more than any therapist I have ever been to. She genuinely cares about her patients, with the most amazing compassion & empathy. I have been to others who never gave that vibe & energy, so I appreciate that I have found her! She is a rare gem! She is friendly, warm, kind, caring, down to earth, & makes me feel comforted and grounded after every visit. She also has loving, sweet, and adorable furry friends who join our sessions, which warms my soul, eases my pain, and makes it even more comforting and rewarding!
    The administration side of things is also smooth and easy to do! I can go online and schedule my appointments at my convenience, which makes my hectic life even easier. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of support. She is one of a kind and I am LUCKY to have found her! ❤