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  • My daughter has experienced anxiety, ocd, and mood swings since she was 4. We tried several therapists. None were able to help. Many of the specialists that focused on anxiety and ocd didn’t treat children as young as my daughter. I found Miss Boss when my daughter was 7. I was impressed with Miss Boss’s reviews. I liked that she was knowledgeable in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Play Therapy. I watched several of her videos on YouTube and she seemed experienced with anxiety and ocd. I liked that she understood the unique emotional needs of children. Setting an appointment was one of the best decisions we made. Miss Boss has always been kind and patient. My daughter loves spending time with her. They quickly developed a relationship of trust. Miss Boss has given us many tools to help when my daughter was having big emotions. Miss Boss made herself available after hours by phone, video, and text for several family emergencies when my daughter was having emotions that I didn’t know how to react to. Parenting an anxious child has been hard. My friends and family have not understood our challenges. Miss Boss has helped me realize that I am not alone in these struggles. She helped both of us realize that our emotions are real, valid, and totally normal. I’m glad to have Miss Boss on my support team. It has made our family healthier, happier, and more equipped to deal with life.