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  • If you are searching the comments section on Shantala Boss, it is because you are seeking endorsements of her skills as a licensed mental health counselor and play therapist. Moreover, you are probably meticulously examining critiques because you are in desperate need of finding the most fitting person to counsel you or your child, and to provide much needed guidance and support during an especially tumultuous time. Shantala embodies the highest standard of care in her field and surpasses expectations; she is not limited to a ‘one treatment-approach’, she demonstrates proficiency in multiple methods of therapy. As an educator of over 20 years, it is evident that her aptitude for relating to adolescents far exceeds that of most counselors. Following a long stint of sessions with more than a few tactless counselors, my son met Shantala and the connection was instantaneous; she had true compassion and concern for him–he instantly sensed that (letting me know as soon as the session concluded). The impression Shantala made on both of us was remarkable, her awareness of his condition, combined with her expertise in behavioral analysis, allowed him to work through his anxieties and begin to thrive on a day-to-day basis. There are not sufficient words to express how much Shantala contributed to the betterment of my son’s condition, she assisted in mending a teenage boy who felt broken and distressed. Some people do not believe in angels, I do.